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Seven Times 24 – Charles River

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From the good folks at Oddball Magazine, this week we feature yet another Oddball column, namely Seven Times by poet Andrew Borne.  Borne’s 24th edition will resonate with our Greater Boston area readers as it explores every Bostonian s favorite body of water, The Charles River. At JP Lime Productions, we love that dirty water, very much appreciate this piece, and hope that you will as well. Enjoy.

I am the Charles River

I am the Canadian goose feeding on the grassy knoll
By the bike trail

I am the Guatemalan landscaper blowing leaves
From the blue-blooded estate

I am the golden sun’s glistening reflection
On the face of the river

I am the tufted titmouse nesting in the chestnut tree

I am the 3-D lettering of the
Aspiring graffiti artist

I am the park bench painted black
Old and chipping at the edges

I am the parking lot for office buildings
On Main and Moody

I am the silent breeze pushing the dead leaves
Rattling them to life

I am the engine of the 1:58 train
To Boston as it pulls into Waltham Depot
Pulling several commuter cars

I am the brown grass, dehydrated
Awaiting to be covered in snow

I am the towering red brick watch factory
Where once the industry thrived
Now forgotten to the world
Except for those who seek my past in
The city’s museums

I am the writer on the park bench
Observing the current of the Charles River 

Andrew Borne is 2 Cups Poet 1 teaspoon Musician 1/4 teaspoon Salt 1/2 cup Absurdity 3/4 cup Chef 1 egg, beaten 2 1/3 cups Family Man. Mixed together and served raw. His column 7x appears weekly in Oddball Magazine.

Oddball Magazine

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