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Shoutouts to Swamp Ball – Salute J-Smoove

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A couple of months ago, as a result of our ongoing social media outreach efforts, we were fortunate to have come across an artist from Memphis, TN who’s doing some really great things as they relate to positivity and Hip Hop. Our album review on J-Smoove’s 2014 release, #Elevate, was a great experience, as it exposed us to an artist from across the country who’s appreciative of Rap music with a worthwhile message, a sentiment we at JP Lime share. With that in mind, though admittedly and apologetically a little late, we’d like to salute J-Smoove for his recent collaboration with the legendary Chuck D on Swamp Ball, a rallying cry track for the 2015 Memphis Grizzlies’ playoff run.

We’re no stranger ourselves to rallying cry tracks (i.e. Black & Gold – 2011 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup song), so while we lament that the Grizzlies’ playoff fortunes weren’t so great this year, we’re happy to congratulate J-Smoove on his collaboration with Chuck D, an artist for whom we share the utmost admiration and respect. Click below to check out Swamp Ball, a fun track that pays homage to Memphis basketball legends such as the late Lorenzen Wright and Orlando Magic legend Penny Hardaway, while biggin’ up the Grizzlies’ current roster, most notably Zack Randolph aka Z-Bo.

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