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Stone Soup open mic promo video

oddball and lime together6

The creative forces of JP Lime Productions, Oddball Magazine and have joined together to bring you a unique combination of fresh new content.  The three groups got together at the August edition of the Stone Soup open mic, hosted every Monday night by Oddball’s Chad Parenteau and Jason Wright, to talk about their cross-promotional effort and to support local poetry.  With a feature from Flatline Poetry’s Kaleigh O’Keefe and performances from other great local talent, the night was bubbling with creative energy.
Hit play to watch the full video or click the “SEE MORE” link to enjoy it in smaller servings.

The Oddball Interview with Chad Parenteau and Jason Wright:

Jason Wright performing “Blank Spaces”:

JP Lime performing “Yes!”:

The AroundtheBean Interview with Kareem Desroches:

Kaleigh O’Keefe performing “Last Night”:

JP Lime performing “Cursed Angel”:

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