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Stone Soup serving: ThePoet Za’Cari

From Oddball Magazine this week we bring you the latest Stone Soup serving, two works by ThePoet Za’Cari.


Stabbed I’m at the bottom never thought life to be fair
Rehab no addiction training these ninjas don’t fight fair
Hands good two of them my impact I win let’s be clear
Fight or flight no plane I stand no grill but beef here
Recovery pain is real mentally physically damaged I’m still here
Boston I love the bean is me I can’t live here
Hold up
Domestic violence happening in homes creating silence
Female victim’s a structure of support their feet never touch ground
Men don’t receive the same structure
Society can’t see a female cutting a man it sees a mother or a lover
That man saw the same before and after the struggle
The damage the same man, woman or child domestic violence remains
Hold up, can’t
In the street & in a home a man, women and child just lost their fight
Someone won’t be coming home



“Dark Side of the Sun”

Emotionally caged will bring physical limitations/Love leaking from severed bliss
Lost in the moment of hurt & pain/Forgetting other feelings can be reclaimed
Alone facing the process the pain seems to reign/Falling relentlessly upon
shoulders already supporting failure/Wanting to scream but the world so
focused on self who would hear/Tears no longer form to fall
Not for the lack of emotion but purpose/No longer willing to shed tears for
uncontrollable situations/Love carelessly tossed around
Landing upon unsuspecting souls fully committed/But the delivery tossed by
someone unwilling to hang around/A game of duck, duck goose she started
& left as my feelings sat around/Anger builds as I slam my pin/Ink penetrating
through paper pooling on the ground this a murder scene/Death came in the
form of she
The man she murdered me/The poet she only awoken his wrath
Vengeances is the form you see/She knocked me down but not for the count of
3/Vampire scribe my poetry bleeds me



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