Are you Benny or Teddy?

The Gowk is Hunted

Happy March 32nd everyone!

#HuntingtheGowk is from a Scottish April Fool’s tradition ( ) and while the actual prank works slightly differently (sending the “gowk” from person to person, essentially on a wild goose chase), we felt like stealing it anyway. Thank you for indulging us, and thanks especially for the outpouring of support across Facebook and Twitter at the thought of our collective demise.

There have been many weird rumors circulating today about the goings-on of JP Lime Productions and its members, with varying levels of truth to them (“De Yeezus” is a real thing, it’s coming y’all). We began the day by announcing our own retirement, and while nothing could be further from the truth, the background to that prank was based in reality.

We did take an 8-month hiatus. We have worked to create our dream, with varying degrees of success. We’ve faced internal struggles, money considerations and other demands on our investment that have forced us to each take a good hard look at the road ahead of us.

But instead of closing our doors, we are doing the opposite, we are adapting. We are pleased to announce that April 14 will mark the first issue of, the Magazine, but, as that is quite the mouthful, you may still just call it for short. Every two weeks will bring a new issue, with fresh, entertaining content, always with a crunchy hip-hop center. You’ll find album reviews, festival recaps, hip-hop history, music, games and more awaiting you, along with all the latest music releases and news on everything Lime.

As we consider what lays ahead, we are continually struck by the hunger, both our own and that of our fans and colleagues, for a new and interesting brand of entertainment within hip-hop. That’s what we’re here for. We are JP Lime.

We ain’t going nowhere, m’fuckers, you’d have to beat us back with a stick.

-Prof, Scholar, and Space
JP Lime Productions

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