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The Oddball Show #2 – Around The Bean

unnamedStreamed live on April 22nd, our second installment of The Oddball  Show featured special guest, Kareem Desroches, editor and chief of, a sports themed website that encourages readers to sound off on hot topics. We began with some closing thoughts on National Poetry Month and “A Safe Place for Poets“, our topic for our first broadcast. Kareem and the Oddballs then tackled the Boston Celtics in the Playoffs, the bandwagon tendencies of Boston Bruin fans, athletes who tried to rap and failed miserably and much more. Catch up on all the fun and tweet us your thoughts: @JPLime @AroundtheBean @OddballMagazine – we look forward to your thoughts.

The Oddball Show # 2 – Segment 1

Chad Parenteau wraps up National Poetry Month.

Pertinent links:

The Oddball Show #2 – Segment 2

Kareem and The Oddballs discuss Bruins Bandwagon fans, the Boston Celtics in the Playoffs, and much more.

The Oddball Show # 3 – Segment 3

Prof and Scholar drive a discussion on athletes who can’t rap and one who can (big ups Shaq!), Odd Future, and Tidal.

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