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The Oddball Show #3 – Andrew Borne

unnamedStreamed live on April 30th, our third edition of The Oddball Show featured special guest, Andrew Borne, a Boston poet and frequent contributor to Oddball Magazine, including his weekly column ‘Seven Times‘. We began with a discussion on Pulitzer Prize winner and former Poet Laureate, Charles Simic, who recently performed here in the Boston area.  We heard readings from Andrew and our own Jason Wright and we talked about our processes of becoming writers.  We talked Hip Hop asking, “Is every emcee a poet?” and we looked at Will Smith as one of the genre’s top storytellers.  With the Oddballs nothing is off the table and you never where the conversation will go.  Tweet us and tell us what you think: @JPLime @AroundtheBean @OddballMagazine

Stream live or play back here

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