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The Oddball Show #4 – Baltimore and Beyond

unnamedStreamed live on May 5th, 2015, this was the first of 2 shows in which we tackle the Baltimore Riots and then some. Good friend of The Oddballs and resident of Baltimore, Dr. Kristaps Paddock joined us to offer a first hand perspective on what’s gone on over the past couple of weeks and how accurate the media’s narrative has been thus far. Among a variety of points we spoke about racial disparities determining levels of policing, how Baltimore’s economy contributes to the city’s tension, and how the community has reacted in the wake of the riots.

Our aim this week at The Oddball Show is to increase dialogue and expand our collective knowledge base on issues such as race relations and police brutality. We recognize that though our opinions may differ, sometimes strongly, it is in our country’s best interests to both allow and engage in these tough talks. We strongly believe that discourse is a very achievable, critical first step towards bridging the gaps in our differences and likewise working towards measurable change. With that in mind, we invite you all to listen and to share your thoughts with us. Are you ready for a change?

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