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The Oddball Show #5 – Baltimore and Beyond Part 2

unnamedStreamed LIVE at 10pm on May 7th, 2015, our second cast on the Baltimore upheaval, featured good friend of the Oddballs and modern day Civil Rights activist, Alain Davis. We discussed some of the underlying conditions and mentalities in our country that have led to so much civil unrest and quite frankly, bloodshed.

Racism, police brutality, micro-aggression, privilege, and then some were all on the table tonight as Alain and the Oddballs hoped to broaden our listeners knowledge base and if nothing else, encourage people to talk. Though opinions vary, at times strongly, collectively we are of the strong belief that discourse is a very critical, very achievable early step in the process towards effecting measurable change in our country. With that in mind catch up on all the dialogue and join the conversation. Are you ready for a change?

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Pertinent Links: – Special Guest Alain Davis – Mobile Justice App – Baltimore City FOP – Prince’s Rally 4 Peace Concert – Grand Fury

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