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The Oddball Show with Liza Zayas

The Oddball Show, tonight with Liza Zayas discussing the One Billion Rising movementLadies and gentlemen, it is my esteemed pleasure to welcome back to another edition of The Oddball Show, a podcasting collaboration from JP Lime and Oddball Magazine.  On tonight’s show we welcome poet, dancer, and singer, Liza Zayas.  We discuss the worldwide issue of Gender-Based Violence and the One Billion Rising Movement, we’ll talk about Liza’s passion for dance, and we’ll be treated to an on-air performance or two.

All you have to do to join us live or to tune in later is PRESS PLAY.



Pertinent Links:

The One Billion Rising Movement (, #1BillionRising) is the biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history.  On February 14, 2016, the town of Lawrence, MA will join the global movement with a flash mob at 3pm at the Claddagh (399 Canal St.), followed by a full event at 60 Island St. with music, poetry, art, and, of course, dancing!
1 Billion Rising – Lawrence Rises!

The Underground Garden archives at Oddball Magazine

Liza’s Tumblr

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