Are you Benny or Teddy?


We at JP Lime Productions are always coming up with new ways to interact with our fans through social media.  With that in mind, we’d like to formally introduce our very own contribution to the Twitter hashtag phenomena, namely #TrainTrackTunes#TrainTrackTunes is a Twitter game we developed that facilitates the sharing of music to your friends. 

Is there a track or video that you like and want to share with your friends?  All you have to do is copy that track’s link from YouTube, Vevo, SoundCloud, etc… and tweet it to your friends using the hashtag #TrainTrackTunes

By encouraging your  friends to join along in the fun, together you can create your own #TrainTrackTunes playlists.  Feel free to use multiple hashtags to customize them to your own liking (i.e. #TrainTrackTunes #MJPlaylist).   Simply copy the link of the track you’d like for others to hear, use #TrainTrackTunes and tweet it to whomever you’d like.  It’s that simple!  Don’t be afraid to share with @JPLime!  We’d love to hear what music you think is hot these days!  And we’ll be sure to reply with a track of our own for your listening pleasure. 

Please note that Twitter works slightly differently on the desktop version than it does with its various mobile applications.  You’ll either have to copy and paste the tweet or reply with comment depending on what application you’re using.  Don’t forget to change that song link and add different people to the tweet to enhance the game.  That said, lets all get in on the fun.  Play #TrainTrackTunes – add a track and share!

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