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Watching the Throne – Addendum

The response I’ve gotten to the last post has led me to believe that I am not alone in my non-disappointment.  Or at the very least, WTT has continued to grow on some people, leaving them with a higher opinion six months later than at first impression.  As of January 8th, the album has sold 1,248,000 making it platinum in 5 months.  Part of the reason for the high sales is that despite being one of the most anticipated albums of 2011, WTT was one of the few albums to avoid a leak, a credit to the acumen of the two hip-hop stars in knowing how to navigate music sales in the internet age.  But I digest…

The real reason for this addendum is that WTT was made into short indie movie for IFC films with all the dialogue in the movie constructed from the album’s lyrics.  While the production is pretty bad and the casting worse – 3 white girls trying to talk like Yeezy and Jay sounds… well there’s no other word for it but fucking ridiculous – the idea is cool.  Personally, I think Kanye should go Taylor-Swift those 3 chicks and their director, re-produce the movie and tack it onto that crazy shit he did for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  Here’s a clip, for your… amusement.


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