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Your Weekly Oddball: Jagged Thoughts 142

Your Weekly Oddball at #JPLMagazineJagged Thoughts #142: Too Times Too
(by Jason Wright)

I think I’m too tired
to try and claim my poetry.

Tonight you can have it.

My mind is dry,
like a wet blanket.

And two times as
Fast as a
meth addict.

And two times as dirty
as a trash

And two times as alive
as a dead

And two times as loose
as a dog’s

And two times as
clean as dry

And two times
as safe as
bad dope.

And two times as
speechless as
spoken word.

And two times
as free as
a caged bird.

And two times
as predictable as

And two times as
young as a
dry prune.

And two times
as low as
high noon.

And two times
Two is four

Changing the two times rhyme scheme
two times to a bored room.

And turning it back
like a back

And keeping your
head up like

And ending this poem quick

like gun shots.

And starting it back up
Like an engine.

And ending it at the end of this sentence.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His ‘Jagged Thoughts’ column appears weekly.

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