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Welcome Welcome, One and All

Welcome to the re-invented!
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Well not so much re-invented as reinvigorated, re-launched, re-envisioned and refined, all in the aim of bringing you new, interesting and informative content.
We’ve morphed what was an under-used blog into a mini-magazine and every two weeks will bring a new issue, fresh with content of various flavors but always with a crunchy hip-hop center.
We’ll be bringing you reviews of the newest album releases, monthly editions of Scholar’s popular “Rap Flashback”, lyric analysis and much more.
2014 holds a lot to look forward to on the music front including some awesome festivals, the Return of Outkast, planned releases from Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, and the Wu-Tang Clan (wow, right?). We’ll get into Beantown sports with a Celtics draft preview in June and a Pats camp review in August. We’ll talk politics, both on the local Boston front and on a national level with the midterms in the Fall. Music, movies, games, politics, sports… it’s all on the table here at the new so come join the conversation.

Now I hear you all eagerly asking,
“What does this mean for new music from JP Lime? What, y’all are writers now? Too good for rapping?” To that I say, Whoa, take it easy, theoretical over-aggressive fan. Our desire to make new music has never been stronger and all year long we’ll be bringing you the brand of hot, new Lime-flavored hip-hop you’ve grown to love, albeit in smaller bites. We are looking at putting together some surprises on the music front in the second half of the year so keep your ears peeled, and to make sure you never miss out on new Lime news, go right now and sign up for our Mailing List.  As always, stay tuned to, your one-stop shop for all things Lime, to hear all about our live performances and other creative collaborations, as well as giving you a look at new tracks as we make them and other next-level insights into the way we and our industry work.

We at JP Lime Productions are committed to our vision of providing a new and different type of hip-hop experience.  We thank you all for coming along for this next phase in our voyage.  Lime On.

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