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Who is JP Lime?

JP Lime Productions, LLC, is a production company centered on the production, performance, and distribution of Hip Hop music.  Formed in 2005, we’ve continued to expand into new media and enterprises, such as our popular video series, The Rap Flashback, and our podcast, The Oddball Show, a collaboration with Oddball Magazine.

Here at #JPLMagazine, our online magazine and your home for all things Lime, we address the issues important to your world and the world of Hip Hop, exploring politics, sports, poetry, artistic critique, and Hip Hop History, all while keeping you informed of the newest releases and other JPL projects.

Our first two albums, Lime on the Rocks and Blue Star Boulevard, are available for purchase simply by clicking here, as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and several other online retailers. Lime on the Rocks is a colorful exploration of the night and day of a burgeoning rap group, embodied by the high energy party vibe of “Booty Booty Bang Bang” and the soulful pop feel of “This is Life”.  Blue Star Boulevard journeys down a mythical Hip Hop highway, featuring the powerful lead single “Loud” and the smooth, melodic, summery sound of “Liming On” to capture the struggles and growth of a Star on the rise.

Defined by a cunning lyricism and an Old School group dynamic, the JP Lime style is reminiscent of 90’s alternative Hip Hop acts like De La Soul, the Pharcyde, and Little Brother.  Raised by Run DMC, fostered by Dr. Dre and Tupac, and rooted in the work of some of today’s most talented producers in Boston and beyond, the JP Lime sound awaits your hungry ears.

Bred and built in Boston, the trio of Scholar, Spaceman, and Professa comprise the Lime’s core, bolstered by a Family-like network of emcees, producers, poets, artists, and supporters without whose contributions our work would not be possible.  Be sure to check out the eclectic sounds of DJ LSP, who produced all of Blue Star Boulevard, by visiting his Soundcloud page.  And Shouts-out and gratitude are due to the following for their past and continued contributions and support:

Lightfoot and the crew at The Bridge Sound and Stage, JQBass and Professor Jeff from Lightspeed Studio, Henny Rock of Indecent Music, Edison and AllRhymes Entertainment, Daney Foxxwoodz, ButtaSkotch, the Tru-Era Movement, Darth Robb, Becky Whitney, and Jess Alvarez.

At JP Lime Productions, we continually seek new ways to explore our world and the world of Hip Hop, while bringing you that Limestyle brand of music you know and rock to.  Thank you for joining us here at #JPLMagazine and be sure to hit the subscribe link to stay informed on articles, new releases, and other JPL projects.

‘Just pop in JP Lime, vibe to a rhyme, and put your mind at ease and lay back ‘cuz it’s Lime Time.’

Lime on.

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