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Why Not Us? A Rallying Cry for the 2015 Boston Celtics Playoff Push

Bradely CrowderWhy not the Celtics? Why not us?

Why can’t we make a playoff run?

Can’t Avery Bradley make the steal to seal the deal that steals Game One?

Why not Jea Crowder? Why not Smart?

Evan Turner, Michael Young!

Superstars they’re not just yet, but a well-coached and driven bunch…

Can play the role of underdog, embrace it and enhance their games…

A well-timed Tyler Zeller screen so Isaiah can drive the lane!

Brad Stevens calling plays out of timeouts that lead to scores…

A strong rebound by Brandon Bass as Pressey runs the floor…

Datome swings the ball to Jerebko for a big three!

While Sulli cheers in street clothes ’cause he’s all about the Team…

Why not us!?! yells Gerald Wallace as he dives for a loose ball…

Why not us? We all Bleed Green, Believe in Team, and Give Our All!

In a city full of Champions representing all the Banners…

…In a year where such an outcome is the longest of shots…

Still a playoff birth is worth it ’cause the Celtics always matter!

And to win a game or two would be a fun ride, would it not?

So let’s rally Celtics Nations, let’s all get behind our team!

Let’s play spoiler, clip the Hawks or possibly break Lebron’s dreams!

We know the personnel will change, Ainge plays the hand that’s best…

But they know too and still play hard despite not quite knowing what’s next…

In the playoffs every team has zero wins, a
season reset…

So let’s go for it, enjoy it, back our team, and hope for the best!

Why not us? Why not the Celtics?

Sure, we know the squad is flawed…

But the Leprechaun can rise and help the Cs defy the odds…

So why not us? Why not the Celtics? 

Let’s go out there and ball hard!

Why not us? Why not the Celtics?

I see no reason at all! 



 Marcus Smart

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